IZWOF Limited is one of the leading transport solutions providers in the East Africa. Our emphasis is on handling and transportation of dry consignments and petroleum products.

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About Us

IZWOF Limited is one of the leading transport solutions providers in the East Africa. In its shot tenure it has demonstrated sustained growth from the demand of its excellent services making it an indispensable partner in this industry and now commands a sizable market share with a growing asset base.

IZWOF Limited was incorporated in Kenya. The primary stakeholders have been involved directly in the transport service industry since the year 2008 in that course they concentrated in developing an unwavering network of regional partners subsidiaries and agent throughout east and central Africa.

Our emphasis is on handling and transportation of dry consignments and petroleum products. We intend to broaden our scope every other year to accommodate other solutions for the entire industry.

IZWOF Limited keeps up with international standards in management and HSEQ policies which are executed with diligence and has made their continuous review and training an integral part of its process.

Our Services

IZWOF Limited has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted and preferred transporters in East and Central Africa by offering the most competitive reliable efficient and tailor-made services in Dry consignments that is Slag, clinker, Gypsum, Coal, iron ore, wheat containerized and Bulk petroleum product Transportation.

As our Assets base grow so is our scope, to accommodate technologically oriented logistics solutions to meet future needs of our clients as we strive to be ahead of the curve in matters pertaining transport. To ensure we maintain quality standards we have put several systems and process in place and continuously incorporate best practices in the industry that improve and monitor the performance and management of our fleet.

They are further supported by in-depth key performance indicators to help in monitoring evaluation and review of our fleet performance.


Our Fleet

We recognize the importance of the highest standard of vehicle safety, maintaining our assets and the efficiency of product delivery. We employ systems that enable us to ensure all our vehicles are acquired systematically, disposed of intelligently, are fully compliant and maintained to the highest standards.


Drivers form an integral part of our business and thus the need to manage them professionally to guarantee efficient fleet performance is critical and a priority to us. Towards this end we put so much emphasis in how we select & recruit them, how induct & Train them, and how we monitor them on the job and eventually disciplinary process on noncompliance.

Journey Management

On time delivery and securing of consignment being transported are key elements in our Business and Fleet Performance. We have and strive to improve on processes put in place to better manage our operations, using measures covering Planned inspections of the Fleet, number inspected to be Safe to Load, number of Rejections.

Company Quality Policy

IZWOF Limited warrants conformity to statutory and regulatory requirements in countries of operation and has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) complying with the international standards.

Health and Safety Policy

IZWOF Limited management is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of everybody we work with, and who live in the communities in which we operate. We conduct our business in accordance with quality management principles.

Quality Management System

The technologies we use in our fleets, including GPS and mobile technologies, real-time route planning and intelligent handling solutions, enable us to deliver proactive, transparent, and safe solutions to our clients, in a timely and reliable manner.